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Vinci’s Project Levels

Project levels measure the approximate Vinci LLC effort required to deliver construction visualization on a given Vinci project. For practical purposes, the 30-hour level is used. Thirty hours represents a light initial week of work, or a more intensive half-week of work.

Construction marketing comes fast and furious; it’s rare that you know exactly what you need upfront. Vinci has delivered over 200 construction marketing projects since 2004; we’re used to changing or late-breaking objectives and directives. Each new Vinci LLC project is roughly estimated in terms of level of draw (that is, about how much work is required in project levels). After a project delivers, Vinci LLC does have hard data on the length of a project, but states it here on its website as a rough figure for the sake of privacy of Vinci’s clientele.

Project level is a gauge not only of development time, but of the actual client’s cost for the Vinci visualization.

The Vinci Project Levels


Less than approximately 8 hours


Approximately 8 ⇔ 30 hours

2 ••

Approximately 30 ⇔ 60 hours

3 •••

Approximately 60 ⇔ 90 hours

4 ••••

Approximately 90 ⇔ 120 hours

5 •••••

Approximately 120 ⇔ 150 hours

6 ••••••

Approximately 150 ⇔ 180 hours

7 •••••••

Approximately 180 ⇔ 210 hours

8 ••••••••

Approximately 210 ⇔ 240 hours

9 •••••••••

Approximately 240 ⇔ 270 hours, and so on...

Again, each additional level represents an additional 30 hours of work. Note that these levels represent conditions for a specific project and can only be used as approximate predictors of similarly complex projects. Every project is different and complexity is linked to the details of a given objective, which tends to arise during the development of that project.

This page last modified Wednesday 30 August 2017.