Current State of the Argam Typeface

Vectors that describe the 420 numerals of the argam-kinoctove were completed 2 December 2018. This is the current state of the typeface. The final stages are fine tuning and creating the typeface file. See argam-kinoctove for details on the argam. At bottom, gray dots indicate columns wherein numerals are even, trine (divisible by three), and divisible by 5 respectively, from top to bottom. Black arrowheads indicate columns were numerals are coprime to 30, sieving for primes p > 5. Red arrowheads indicate individual numerals that appear in OEIS A025487, i.e., numbers that are the least integer of each prime signature. Red dots under the number (and those numbers in A025487 are those numbers that are runners-up to the highly composite, i.e., those in A067128.

Fonts for this and the 2015 extension of Firenze to 120 numerals will be produced in December 2018.

This page last modified Sunday 2 December 2018.