Vinci LLC | Construction Montage | General 4d Worksite Overview
general 4d construction worksite overview

Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ | 4d General Worksite Overview

As Vinci LLC moved into 2005, digital modeling accounted for an increasing share of project time. All the digital modeling was concentrated in a single subject, laid out in AutoCad LT 2004, porting the geometry to AtLastSoftware’s SketchUp 4 (see this Behind the Scenes example). Vinci LLC also laid out the worksite in SketchUp 4 (example). The output was stacked and placed atop a basis image in the case of the sitewide view. Because the site was entirely devoid of any solid reference, Vinci simply created a basis image from scratch; this is the only case where the surroundings of a subject were “painted” and collaged around model output. See the more recent Vinci Projects A8337 or A8723 for examples of more current greenfield Vinci Digital Worksite™ projects.

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