parking garage phase 4d construction simulation

Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ | General 4d Worksite Overview

This montage superimposes the garage model on a photographic background. Context is delivered efficiently by the background and the digital model image conveys the construction visualization. Montages are typically inexpensive but allergic to change. Unless we duplicate the effort, we won’t have a second vantage point, say, looking the opposite direction at the other side of the garage. But for small projects like this parking deck, the Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ is effective and efficiently produced.

Take a look at a study of ancillary structure colocation or an annotated presentation slide example.

Montages were more prevalent before the advent of reliable digital modeling. The pure montage, with little or no aid from a digital model, is rarely done today but once used to be the only way to produce 4d construction visualization.

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