High Resolution Custom Digital Terrain Model

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Contextual Minor Improvements

Everyone has probably heard the adage “little things mean a lot”, or Modernist architect Mies Van der Rohe’s quote, “God is in the details”. It may be tempting to ignore the small stuff; we’ve been told we “shouldn’t sweat it”. Oftentimes a digital model of existing conditions achieves believability through the small stuff. Contextual minor improvements, light standards, signage, and fences, are perceived by user groups as significant and recognizable objects in the environment. Some folks navigate using these small site details; they literally understand their environment partially by through minor improvements. For construction work, utility poles may represent an important constraint. Though one needs to be careful not to overarticulate a general model, minor contextual improvements merit more than most give them credit for.

This page last modified Tuesday 24 May 2011.