User Group Vignette: Pedestrian Traffic

Vinci User Group Vignette™ | Pedestrian Traffic Experience

Hospital staff, visitors, and the general community will be interested in any change affecting how they’ll get to the medical center. The Owner is usually sensitive to these concerns; it affects service and the routines of key personnel. Ultimately, it affects the bottom line. Vinci’s user group vignettes are a quick and easy way to demonstrate your construction strategy to the Owner. Vignettes show that you’ve factored the concerns of user groups into your strategy. They are visual proof that you know that putting undue obstacles in the travel path of staff and visitors stresses them, and that you are attempting to minimize the stress. See a bird’s eye view of this scene, a view of the patient tower, sitework, or the general campus construction.

This page last modified Monday 10 October 2011.