Vinci Digital Worksite™ | Deep Cut along Planned Service Drive

We’re all eager to retain trees whenever possible, regardless of our political views. Trees shade the landscape, they add to the value of our real estate and the appeal of our campuses. There is something noble about old oaks. The Owner desires to retain as many old trees as possible on this site, here adjacent to a planned service drive to the basement of the proposed building. This implies a deep cut with bank retention. This section is intended to show the Owner the implications of the “lines on a plan” that protect some trees. It might be easy to draw a line on a plan; the very most perceptive might understand that when such a line cuts across tight contour gradients, we’re asking for some serious slope mitigation and bank retention. This image speaks volumes about what will be necessary if the contractor can’t lay back the cut and must use some form of bank retention. Take a look at the drive from the south.

This page last modified Thursday 26 May 2011.