Construction vignette steel frame detail prefabrication

Vinci Constructability Vignette | Steel Frame Prefabrication Detail

This sequence sets the steel structure on the RFP plan, then takes apart the dome steel to highlight a module that implies the dome can be prefabricated. Vinci LLC’s SketchBuild™ service completed part of the steel frame supporting the dome so that Vinci’s client could prove prefabrication. This was instrumental in winning the project. See the outside of the dome, one of the squinches from the outside, view one of the pendentives on the inside, or look at a preliminary drawing of the arch space frame or the squinch space frame.

Vinci LLC’s SketchBuild™ service allows your team to fill in gaps in the RFP so you can talk about your team’s construction solution.

This page last modified Friday 27 January 2012.